Our History

In the days when most products were sold from bulk, LPF (Leeuwarder Papierwaren Fabriek) started producing paper bags in 1907. Market leaders soon wanted their brand printed on their packaging; LPF was the first rotogravure printer in the Netherlands and engraved her own cylinders. Factories started packaging products themselves and as new machines were developed, LPF supplied both printed bags and reels? for coffee, tea, tobacco, cigars, flour, bakery products and household articles. A request for longer shelflife resulted in laminating techniques with aluminium.

The packaging evolution continued to move to plastic films and LPF stood at the head of new developments: coldseal, release lacquer, hotmelt and wax coatings, Easy Opening by Laser®, high barrier protection of nature’s products.

Following the acquisition of LPF by Clondalkin Group in 2001, plans were made to move LPF out of the city center of Leeuwarden. A new factory was built in Grootegast (where Clondalkin Group had a production site) and LPF was relocated in 2005.
At this location the 100 year anniversary was celebrated with the slogan “Serving you with pride for more than 100 years!”

Our Vision

Our vision for the company is to be recognized as the most succesful flexible packaging company in our chosen market sectors.

This means that we must generate the highest level of satisfaction from our customers, optimize returns to our shareholders, provide safe working conditions and rewarding employment opportunities, and in general act for the good in the communities where we are privileged to operate.
Our vision statement outlines where we want to be, what the purpose of our company is. The road to get there is summarized in our mission statement.